Henry Bear for Congress 2018

Dear Friend,

The need for good leadership and vision is fundamental to our democracy. The negative influence of special interests and ‘big money’ on absentee and unaccountable politicians has become rampant and contrary to our way of life.

Whether it be unions, workers, the poor, low and middle class, religious minorities, LGBTQ communities, women, single mothers, family farmers and fishermen, family foresters, college students, small business owners or the tribes, the growing consensus is that most Mainers are not served the current Congressional Representative of Maine’s 2nd District.

Mainers are fervently seeking big changes. Instinctively, we know there is a better way to move forward than continuing to elect leaders that hide away in Washington and recklessly work to reduce essential public services in order to widen the income gap, export forestry jobs to appease campaign donors, keep tax money hidden overseas, or let foreign conglomerates exploit our natural resources and destroy our environment leaving us little more than waste in our own land.

I intend to win this seat with one of the biggest political upsets of our time to prove that Mainers are sick of this situation and want better. The likelihood of an upset increases if the People’s Veto to save ranked choice voting makes the June ballot, and it is subsequently approved. Then, this race for Congress will be decided ranked choice voting where our ideas will have an even greater opportunity to be considered. Yet, even without ranked choice voting, I feel confident we will be heard and we will still win.

The “Henry Bear for Congress 2018” campaign will take a lot of work and I am prepared to do what it takes to propose answers to Maine people, and then represent your decisions to Congress after the election. However, I will not accept contributions from corporations; this is the very influence that has divorced our government from the people’s majority in the past.

That’s why I’m asking for your direct support. Time is of the essence. Postage and fuel expenses are required immediately to plan 150 “town halls” across the 2nd District, starting in January, and so we can attend 11 county caucuses and collect the 1,000 signatures I need to place my name on the ballot and win the Maine Green Independent Party nomination.

Please make your pledge to my campaign today. I can accept contributions from any U.S. citizen up to $2,700 per person. Go to my webpage “BearForCongress2018” to donate or simply send a check to “Bear for Congress 2018” at our 41 Elm Street, Houlton, Maine 04730 headquarters. Tel: (207) 694-4190.

Many Thanks for any support you can provide our campaign for change, for good governance, for healing, for caring and sharing, and a moral, inclusive, and sustainable Maine economy,

Henry John Bear,
Maine Green Independent Party candidate for U.S. Congress, Maine District 2